Piriformis Injection

A piriformis injection is an injection near the sciatic nerve designed to treat piriformis syndrome.  This is a condition commonly responsible for pain in the leg and buttocks. Piriformis syndrome occurs when the piriformis muscle, which runs from the anterior part of the sacrum (lower spine) to the outer thigh, spasms or becomes irritated. This puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing pain and discomfort.  An Interventional Radiologist injects an anesthetic and/or steroid into a problem nerve in order to relieve pain. After numbing the skin with a local anesthetic, the doctor will pass a small needle into the sciatic nerve. The needle stimulates the nerve to fire, causing the muscles along the sciatic nerve to twitch, which indicates that contact has been made with the sciatic nerve.  The physician will inject a steroid near the sciatic nerve to reduce inflammation. Anesthetic and steroid will also be injected into the piriformis muscle itself to reduce the frequency of spasms. The results of a piriformis nerve block typically last 6-8 weeks. Some patients experience soreness at the injection site after the procedure, and the local anesthetic can sometimes cause the muscles in the area to lose sensation temporarily.  You will need to have a driver take you home. You can take your previously prescribed medications for pain if needed. No heavy lifting for 7 days.

Benefits include having a minimally invasive procedure with minimal procedure time and have pain relief in 2-3 days. 

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